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BAR British Archaeological Reports (263)

Cambia editore
Copertina del libro Mifsas Ba?ri: a Late Aksumite Frontier Community in the Mountains of Southern Tigray Survey, Excavation and Analysis, 2013-16 - BAR International Series 2839

Michela Gaudiello and Paul A. Yule (2017)

  € 82,00
Copertina del libro The Diffusion of Neolithic Practices from Anatolia to Europe A contextual study of residential construction, 8,500-5,500 BC cal. - - BAR International Series 2838

Maxime Nicolas Brami (2017)

  € 52,00
Copertina del libro The Copper Age in South-West Spain A bioarchaeological approach to prehistoric social organisation - BAR International Series 2840

Marta Diaz-Zorita Bonilla (2017)

  € 76,00
Copertina del libro Simboli e associazioni astrali nella glittica mesopotamica del Bronzo Tardo - BAR International Series 2841

Sara Pizzimenti (2017)

  € 99,00
Copertina del libro Transcaucasian Bronze Belts - BAR International Series 2842

Manuel Castelluccia with a preface by John Curtis (2017)

  € 96,00