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BAR British Archaeological Reports (323)

Cambia editore
Copertina del libro Tang-e Bolaghi (FARS), Sites TB76 and TB77: Rural Settlements of the Achaemenid and Post-Achaemenid Periods Report of the archaeological rescue excavations carried out in 2005 and 2006 by the joint Iranian-Italian mission of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research and the University of Bologna, with the collaboration of IsIAO, Italy - BAR International Series 2799

Alireza Askari Chaverdi and Pierfrancesco Callieri (2016)

  € 94,00
Copertina del libro Conservation of Classical Monuments in the Mediterranean Region A Study of Anastylosis with Case Studies from Greece and Turkey - BAR International Series 2800

Kalliopi Vacharopoulou (2016)

  € 71,00
Copertina del libro Making Visible: Three-dimensional GIS in Archaeological Excavation - BAR International Series 2801

Stefania Merlo (2016)

  € 60,00
Copertina del libro Forest Fires and Abandonment Patterns from the Aguada Culture, Northwest Argentina
A Paleoenvironmental Study Based on the Analysis of Microcharcoals in the Ambato Valley, Catamarca Province - BAR International Series 2803

Henrik B. Lindskoug (2016)

  € 60,00
Copertina del libro La Necropoli di Campovalano Tombe italico-ellenistiche, III - BAR International Series 2804

Vincenzo d'Ercole, Alberta Martellone and Deneb Cesana (2016)

  € 90,00