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BAR British Archaeological Reports (323)

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Copertina del libro Embodying Value? The Transformation of Objects in and from the Ancient World - BAR International Series 2592

Annabel Bokern and Clare Rowan (eds.) (2014)

  € 42,00
Copertina del libro Archaeological Studies on Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Europe (AD 400-1000) 4 In concavis petrarum habitaverunt El fenomeno rupestre en el Mediterraneo Medieval: De la investigacion a la puesta en valor - BAR International Series 2591

Jorge Lopez Quiroga and Artemio Manuel Martinez Tejera (eds) (2014)

  € 74,00
Copertina del libro Paris Monographs in American Archaeology 34 Costume et insignes d'un gouvernant maya K'inich Janaab' Pakal de Palenque - BAR International Series 2590

Laura Filloy Nadal (2014)

  € 71,00
Copertina del libro Millets, Rice and Farmers Phytoliths as indicators of agricultural, social and ecological change in Neolithic and Bronze Age Central China - BAR International Series 2589

Alison Ruth Weisskopf (2014)

  € 46,00
Copertina del libro A Sense of the Past Studies in current archaeological applications of remote sensing and non-invasive prospection methods - BAR International Series 2588

by Hans Kamermans, Martin Gojda and Axel G. Posluschny (eds.) (2014)

  € 66,00