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BAR British Archaeological Reports (323)

Cambia editore
Copertina del libro Seth - A Misrepresented God in the Ancient Egyptian Pantheon? - BAR International Series 2473

Turner Philip John (2013)

  € 35,00
Copertina del libro From Funeral Monuments to Household Pottery Current advances in Funnel Beaker Culture (TRB/TBK) research: Proceedings of the Borger Meetings 2009, The Netherlands - BAR International Series 2474

Bakker J.A., Bloo S.B.C., Dtting M.K. (eds) (2013)

  € 48,00
Copertina del libro Ceramic Petrography: The Interpretation of Archaeological Pottery & Related Artefacts in Thin Section - BAR International Series 80

Quinn Patrick Sean (2013)

  € 42,00
Copertina del libro The Ancient Mediterranean Trade in Ceramic Building Materials: A Case Study in Carthage and Beirut - BAR International Series 81

Mills Philip (2013)

  € 42,00
Copertina del libro Das aegyptische Investiturritual - BAR International Series 2562

Martin Bommas (2013)

  € 59,00