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BAR British Archaeological Reports (323)

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Copertina del libro Copper Shaft-Hole Axes and Early Metallurgy in South-Eastern Europe: An Integrated Approach - Archaeopress Archaeology 97

Julia Heeb (2014)

Copertina del libro Building the Bronze Age: Architectural and Social Change on the Greek Mainland during Early Helladic III, Middle Helladic and Late Helladic I - Archaeopress Archaeology 98

Corien Wiersma (2014)

Copertina del libro Architecture and Material Culture from the Earthquake House at Kourion, Cyprus A Late Roman Non-Elite House Destroyed in the 4th Century AD - BAR International Series 2635

Benjamin Costello IV (2014)

  € 51,00
Copertina del libro Il monumento dei Lucilii Sulla via Salaria - BAR International Series 2636

Paolo Montanari (2014)

  € 51,00
Copertina del libro Paris Monographs in American Archaeology 35 Pit and groove work among the Olmec-style monuments of the Gulf Coast lowlands - BAR International Series 2637

Arnaud F. Lambert (2014)

  € 39,00