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BAR British Archaeological Reports (323)

Cambia editore
Copertina del libro Coastal Hinterlands Site patterns, microregions and coast-inland interconnections by the Corinthian Gulf, c. 600-300 BC - BAR International Series 2614

Anton Bonnier (2014)

  € 70,00
Copertina del libro The Obsidian Evidence for the Scale of Social Life during the Palaeolithic - BAR International Series 2613

Theodora Moutsiou (2014)

  € 46,00
Copertina del libro Nokalakevi Tsikhegoji Archaeopolis Archaeological excavations 2001-2010: Anglo-Georgian Expedition to Nokalakevi - BAR International Series 2612

Paul Everill (eds) (2014)

  € 47,00
Copertina del libro Fresh Approaches to the Brick Production and Use in the Middle Ages Proceedings of the session 'Utilization of Brick in the medieval period - Production, Construction, Destruction' Held at the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) Meeting 29 August - 1 September 2012 in Helsinki, Finland - BAR International Series 2611

Tanja Ratilainen, Rivo Bernotas and Christofer Herrmann (eds) (2014)

  € 34,00
Copertina del libro Funus Hispaniense: espacios, usos y costumbres funerarias en la Hispania Romana - BAR International Series 2610

Alberto Sevilla Conde (2014)

  € 95,00