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BAR British Archaeological Reports (323)

Cambia editore
Copertina del libro Recent Prehistoric Enclosures and Funerary Practices in Europe - Proceedings of the International Meeting held at the Gulbenkian Foundation (Lisbon, Portugal, November 2012) - BAR International Series 2676

Maria Antonietta Breda (ed.) (2014)

  € 44,00
Copertina del libro Professional Ranks in the Roman Army of Dacia - BAR International Series 2681

George Cupcea (2014)

  € 44,00
Copertina del libro House and Household Economies in 3rd millennium B.C.E. Syro-Mesopotamia - BAR International Series 2682

Federico Buccellati, Tobias Helms and Alexander Tamm (eds) (2014)

  € 41,00
Copertina del libro Spatial 'Christianisation' in Context: Strategic Intramural Building in Rome from the 4th 7th C. AD

Michael Mulryan (2014)

  € 38,00
Copertina del libro Athyrmata. Critical Essays on the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean in Honour of E. Susan Sherratt

annis Galanakis, Toby Wilkinson and John Bennet (eds) (2014)

  € 65,00