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EAST AND WEST - VOL. N.S. 4 (63) – NO. 2, DECEMBER 2023 Bi-annual scientific journal published by ISMEO – the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies

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Introductory Note by L.M. Olivieri

M. Rossi, Anthropoid Sarcophagi in Mesopotamia and Persia

L. Colliva, S. Mancini, S.M. Sameen, Gawr Tepe, A New MiSAK Project in Iraqi Kurdistan

M. Vidale, G. Sidoti, What a balafré is Made of

E. Iori, The Ceramic Sequence of the Citadel (Barama) of Mengjieli/Massaga: the Capital City of Uddiyana

Z. Khan, S. Maqsood Ahmad, Narrative of an Attack on the British Garrison of Doaba (Former Mohmand Agency). A Note from the Persian Manuscript of Durr-i-Maqal

M.A. Polichetti, Notes on the Logical Presuppositions of Rebirth

F. De Romanis, The Business of Demetrius the Arabarch and the Roman Coins from India

T. Gnoli, Palmyra and the Red Sea: La Venise des sables Thirty Years Later


Philippe Gignoux (1931-2023)

Silvio Vita (1954-2023)

ISMEO Activities, 2023

List of Contributors 17x24, pp. 240, Brossura Filo Refe, Ill. a colori