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Proceedings of the International Interdisciplinary Conference ISMEO, Rome, Palazzo Baleani, 5-7 October, 2022

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Foreword by Adriano V. Rossi
Preface by Alberto M. Cacopardo
Scientific Committee
List of Speakers
List of Contributors



- Alberto M. Cacopardo, Who Claimed the Golden Throne. The Political History of the Eastern Kati and Their Settlement in Gobor
- Thomas Crowley, The Politics of Peristan
- Inayat Ullah Faizi, Fairies Commanding Resource Management: Myths in Pre-Islamic Peristan
- Ulrik Høj Johnsen, Captivating Roots—Connectivity across Time and Place
- Tatch Sharakat Kalasha (Taj Khan Kalash), O may Jahil Baba, ‘Oh My Ignorant Pagan Sister:’ A Traditional Kalasha Funeral and Feast in the Twenty-First Century
- Max Klimburg, High Status and Sexuality Symbolism in Kafiristan
- Homayun Sidky, Differentiating Shamans from Other Ritual Intercessors in Hunza: A Theoretical Perspective
- Birgitte Glavind Sperber, The Pure Goats of the Kalasha
- Irmtraud Stellrecht, Gaining Renown in Hunza (Northern Pakistan): Remembering Bóot
- Karl Wutt, Symbols in Pashai Culture


- Elena Bashir, Copular Use in Khowar, Kalasha, and Neighbouring Languages
- Almuth Degener & Irén Heged?s, Spatial Morphemes in Nuristani
- Pierpaolo Di Carlo, Lineages, Rituals, and Gods among the Kalasha of Birir. Textual Evidence
- Jakob Halfmann, Nuristani Theonyms in Light of Historical Phonology
- Jan Heegård Petersen, Boundaries in Grammar, Landscape, and Culture: Kalasha
- Anton I. Kogan, The Linguistic Evidence on the Ethnic Composition of pre-Tibetan Ladakh and Baltistan: A.H. Francke’s ‘Dardic’ Hypo- thesis Revisited
- Henrik Liljegren, The Languages of Peristan through the Lens of Areal Typology
- Robert C. Tegethoff & Sviatoslav I. Kaverin, Documenting Grangali



- Michele Bernardini, Timur and the Siy?hp?š?n (1398-1399)
- Paul Bucherer-Dietschi, A Recently Discovered Manuscript of Munshi Syed Shah’s Second Visit to Kafiristan in 1888-1889
- Jürgen Wasim Frembgen & Ejazullah Baig, Animal Motifs on a Wooden Box from Hunza (Karakoram)
- Nile Green, Christian Missionaries, Pashtun Middlemen, and the Attempt to Convert Kafiristan
- Wolfgang Holzwarth, Eastern Hindukush and Karakorum, 1000 to 1880. With Special Regard to the Orbit of Kashmir
- Hermann Kreutzmann, Approaching Kafiristan. Colonial Exploration and Cartographic Representation in the Pamirian Crossroads
- John Mock, On the Title Tham of Hunza Rulers
- Stefano Pellò, B?b? Siyar and the Soul of the Unbeliever: Mapping the Persian Poetic Territories of K?firist?n from Constantinople to Madaklasht
- Hidayat ur Rahman, Shah Khairullah: Relations and Policy towards the Kafirs of the Hindu Kush
- Ilaria E. Scerrato, Heritage from Peristan: Observations on Zoomorphic Decorations in the Graveyards of Swat Kohistan and Indus Kohistan


- John Mock, Tibetans in Gilgit and Wakhan. New Data, New Implications
- John Mock, On the Onomastics of Shri Badat, the Cannibal King of Gilgit
- Cristiano Moscatelli & Anna Filigenzi, Non-Buddhist Customs of Bud- dhist People II: A Shifting Perspective on Wine, Goat Deities and Connected “Dardic” Themes in Gandharan Art
- Jason Neelis, From Kharjya to Daraddea—Steps towards a Regional Macrohistory of Peristan in the First Millennium CE
- Luca M. Olivieri & Matteo Sesana, A Tale of Two Cities. Notes on the Two Barikot in Dir and Swat
- Abdul Samad & Ruth Young, Pre-Islamic Archaeology and Heritage in Chitral
Richard F. Strand, Kâmboâs and Sakas in the Holly-Oak Mountains: On the Origins of the Nûristânîs


- Augusto S. Cacopardo, The Kalasha of Chitral and the Brokpa of Dah/Hanu. A Cultural Comparison
- Jadwiga Pstrusiska, Multidisciplinary Remarks on Some Hindukush-Karakorum Ethnonyms in Eurasiatic Perspective and a Comparative Analysis of One Case Study
- Bernard Sergent, Les dragons du solstice d’hiver
- Michael Witzel, Indra among the Kalasha
- Sergey A. Yatsenko & Sviatoslav I. Kaverin, Traditional Costume of the Eastern Hindukush Area: Some Problems of Its Origin and Modification
- Claus Peter Zoller, In Search for the Roots of Peristan 17x24, Part I pp. 480, Part II pp. 496, Brossura filo refe, Ill. a colori