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EAST AND WEST - VOL. N.S. 4 (63) – NO. 1, JUNE 2023 Bi-annual scientific journal published by ISMEO – the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies EAST AND WEST EAST AND WEST

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F. Sciacca, Giuseppe Tucci and Luigi Federzoni. Unpublished Correspondence (1939-1943)

L.M. Olivieri, Physical Repatriation: Tucci, the Gilgit Manuscripts, and the Be¬ginning of IsMEO Archaeological Work in Swat

S. Nicolini, Reconstructing the Archaeological Landscape of Shellal in the Region of the First Nile Cataract

R. Dan, B. Khanmohammadi, Protecting the Southern Border and the Road to Mu?a?ir with “?aldi’s Garrison:” Qalatgah, an Urartian and Achaemenid Period Archaeological Complex in the Lake Orumiyeh Basin, Iran

M. Minardi, Of Crowns and Diadems: New Pictorial Evidence from Akchakhan-kala M. Zin, Vid??aka’s Cousins: Comic Theatre Characters on Both Sides of the Eryth¬raean Sea

G. Greco, Pelasgians of the East. The Gusuku of Okinawa

List of Contributors 17x24, pp. 208, Brossura filo refe, Ill. A colori