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Acta ad Archaeologiam et Artivm Historiam Pertinentia - Volvmen XXXIII (n.s. 19)

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Simon J. Barker - Courtney A. Ward – Introduction

Part I
New Research on Late-Antique Recycling

Francesca Bigi – Clusters of re-use: the late Roman wall and the Unfinished Baths of Lepcis Magna

T. Ismaelli - G. Scardozzi - S. Bozza - R. Ungaro – The early Byzantine city walls of Hierapolis in Phrygia: demolishing and recycling the Imperial era monuments

Julia Lenaghan – Three monuments of Rhodopaios: a case study of re-use and continuity at Aphrodisias in the sixth century

Siri Sande – Re-carving is easy – when you are not detected

Eric R. Varner – Rethinking re-carving: revitalising Roman portraits in the third century

Pierre-Antoine Lamy – Pagan iconoclasts? Some case studies from Roman Burgundy during Late Antiquity

Part II
Adornment as Expression of Everyday Identity in Ancient and Medieval Life

Audrey Gouy – Gendered adornment and dress soundscape in Etruscan dance

Ria Berg – The harbour of Venus? Sub-elite identities, multisensorial adornment, and Pompeian bars

Meredith P. Nelson – Chains of gold: female status and the Roman catena in the early Imperial period

Merav Schnitzer – A lost medieval garment?

Patricia Antaki-Masson – Adorned medieval mummies from ‘?si al-Hadath cave, Lebanon: a multicultural community?

Giulia Bison – Brooches in context. Two cases from the Palatine Hill (Rome) and their different ways of communicating personal identity

Nova Barrero Martín – The jewellery from grave 10 of Pontezuelas in Colonia Augusta Emerita (Mérida, Spain): family heirlooms?

Pam Walker – Medieval bling: the display of jewellery on women’s funerary monuments in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

Courtney A. Ward – Rethinking the ‘Spectrum of Luxury’: Roman jewellery from the Bay of Naples

Michael Marshall – Baldock torcs: penannular neck rings from south-eastern Roman Britain and their significance for the development of provincial identities

Ruth Allen – Signum and self: engraved gemstones and the expression of identity at Herculaneum

Hadas Hirsch – The construction of other genders by means of personal appearance in medieval Islam: the case of mukhannath?n (effeminates) and kuntha (hermaphrodites)

Ft. 19x26, pp. 422, Brossura filo refe, Ill. a colori