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EAST AND WEST - VOL. N.S. 3 (62) – NO. 2, DECEMBER 2022 Bi-annual scientific journal published by ISMEO – the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies EAST AND WEST EAST AND WEST

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R. Dan, D. Salaris, A Study of Protohistoric and Historical Settlement Patterns in the Qara ????-al-D?n Plain, Iran

L. Colliva, S.M. Sameen, D. Andreucci, V. Castignani, Study and Enhancement of the Archaeological Site of Sarqala (KRG, Iraq) and Its Parthian Tomb: a New Project of MiSAK, the Italian Historical-Archaeological Mission in Kurdistan of ISMEO and IICK. The Report of the 2021 Preliminary Mission

L.M. Olivieri, E. Iori, M. Minardi, E. Lant, A. Samad, M. Vidale, Barikot, Swat: Excavation Campaign 2021-2022, Preliminary Report. Trenches BKG 16, BKG 17, and BKG 18

E. Shavarebi, The Mosque of the Forgotten City: The Bilingual Inscription of Zalamkot Revisited

C. Pieruccini, Gardens in Classical Sanskrit Court Plays


Bert Fragner (1941-2021)
Gérard Fussman (1940-2022)
Michael Jansen (1947-2022)
List of Contributors 17x24, pp. 248, Brossura filo refe, Ill. a colori