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Heteroeuropeanisations: (In)capacity to Stay Marginal - Part One and Two - UNIOR DAAM Series Minor XCII

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Table of Contents

Note on Transliteration, Transcription and Capitalisation
Abbreviations and Commonly Cited Works

Yordan Lyutskanov

Part One. Europeanisation across the (Erstwhile)
Latin-Byzantine Divide: An Agency of Internal Colonisation Meets a Sub-agency of Seffcolonisation

Iva Manova
Chapter 1. Christophorus Peichich'.s Interconfessional Polemics during Early Eighteenth Century: Religious and Politica[ Change in Centra[ Europe

Duccio Colombo
Chapter 2. Which Language Does the Subaltern Speak?
Leskov, Verga, and Internal Orientalism

Eleonora Naxidou
Chapter 3. 'Hetero-Europeanness' or One of the Multiple Faces of 'Europeanness ': The Orthodox East vs the Catholic-Protestant West

Part Two. Unsuccessful or Unwanted Self-colonisation of Christian East beyond Byzantium

Paola Pizzo
Chapter 4. R.eligion to God and Egypt to the Egyptians: Copts and Muslims Facing the Nation I Identity Building Process in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Michael Erdman
Chapter 5. Before Phoenicia: A R.eading of National Characteristics in 'Kitab al-Manahigfz'l NalJ,wu wa'l Mé anz Iand as-Suriyan'

Part Three. Why Self-colonising / Self-peripheralising Europeanisation Is in Demand? A Hypothesis.

Ana-Teodora Kurkina
Chapter 6. Westernisation as a "Questfor Prestige": R.e-interpreting Historical Legacies in Bulgaria and Romania in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

Part Four. Four Trajectories from Marginality to Peripherality and, Possibly, back to Marginality

Section One. Eastern Baltics: Latvia

Benedikts Kalnacs
Chapter 7. Identity Formation between East and West: Contexts of Latvian Literature in the Nineteenth Century

Section Two. Balkans: Bulgaria

Raymond Detrez
Chapter 8. Europe and the Balkans: Between Modernisation and Tradition

Ivo Strahilov
Chapter 9. Constructing Heritage, Negotiating Europeanness: Three Bulgarian Exhibitions of Thracian Legacy in Paris

Section Three. lberia: Spain
Teodora Tzankova Chapter 10. Concepts of (Supra)national Identities in Early Nineteenth Century Spanish Intellectual Debate: The Case of Bohl de Faber-José Joaquin de Mora Polemics on Calder6n in Mercurio Gaditano Newspaper

Esther Sanchez-Pardo
Chapter 11. Discourses of Hispanidad: Between Peripherality and "Supernationalism", or How Modern(ist) Was the Study of the Literature of the Spanish-speaking Nations at the Turn of the Twentieth Century?

Carlosjavier Bianco Martin
Chapter 12. The Difficulties around the Idea of a Spanish Imperium and Its Geopolitica[ Implications

Section Four. Caucasus: Georgia

Mariam Chkhartishvili
Chapter 13. Symbolic Geography of the Georgian Identity Narrative: Conceptualising Europe / the West

Part Five. Two Responses to Self-colonising Europeanisation

Vladimir Bystriukov
Chapter 14. The Concept of "Russia-Eurasia" in the Works of Petr Savitskii

Yordan Lyutskanov
Chapter 15. Hellas, Byzantium and Sassanian Iran on Lower Danube: Kulturkreise or Multicivilisational Perspecti'oes in the Works of Bogdan Film)

Part Six. The Historical Spirai 'from Christianisation / Islamisation through Europeanisation to Re-Christianisation / Re-Islamisation' and Some of Its Losers

Agnieszka Ay§en Kaim Chapter 16. Istanbul versus Constantinople: Between Remembering and Amnesia through Displacement

Part Seven. Two Ways to Reflect a Region's Marginality vis-à-vis Europe in Times of European Retreat

Yervand Margaryan
Chapter 17. Contemporary Nomothetic Approaches to the Analysis of World History Dynamics: "Re-orientation" or "Orientalisation" of Contemporary Historiographical Awareness

Gaga Shurgaia
Chapter 18. Religion in the Caucasus: Christianity, Islam and Politica[ Choices from the Perspective of New Cultural Identities

Yordan Lyutskanov
Modes of De-essentialising 'Europe': Towards a Genera[ Temporal Pattern of Heteroeuropeanisations

Index of Proper Names
Index of Toponyms and Locations 17x24, pp. 664, Ill. a colori