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International Workshop, University of Verona (Italy), 11 February 2022 - Sacra publica et privata 13

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This book explores case studies in which we can find evidences of “motherhood as an institution” imposed by the Church Fathers as well as changes and continuity with previous norms merge, mothers’ response to religious norms imposed by them, and the legacy derived from the Church Fathers around and beyond the Mediterranean. Some stereotypes about mothers are extremely powerful and long-lasting, sometimes in contrast with each other, such as that of the mater dolorosa and that of the mother eager and happy for the death of her martyred child. Moreover, biblical literature is full of maternal figures who deserve to be investigated, not only Mary. It is worth noticing how spiritual motherhood has become more and more important while biological motherhood is sometimes indicated as an obstacle in the path to sanctity; this is accompanied by the increasing relevance of the role of mothers as “religious enculturators”.

Giulia Pedrucci, Introduction. The Church Fathers’ Legacy for Mothers

Introductory Chapters

1. Sonia Giusti, La costruzione storico-culturale di uno stereotipo: la donna come madre amorosa e sposa ubbidiente

2. Cristina Soraci, Physical Motherhood and Spiritual Motherhood between Theory and Practice: Some Late Antique Examples

Chapters on Specific Authors

3. Ilaria Ramelli, Maternity in De infantibus praemature abreptis by Gregory of Nyssa: Between Consolation and Restoration

4. Giulia Pedrucci, La “gravidanza isterica” della Pizia: sessualità femminile e maternità abnorme nella reinterpretazione della sacerdotessa delfica in Origene e Giovanni Crisostomo

5. Rosa Ma Marina Sáez, Church Fathers and Mothers’ Education in the Juan Luis Vives’ De institutione feminae Christianae

Chapters on Saints and Martyrs

6. Isabella D’Auria, Madri di martiri bambini: modelli di maternità in Prudenzio Peristephanon 10

7. Roberta Franchi, La maternità e le sue implicazioni nel cristianesimo antico: il modello paradigmatico della madre dei Maccabei

8. Mary Dunn, Motherhood Transfigured: Between Patristic Norms and Maternal Practice in the Lives of the Saints

9. Claudia Tavolieri, Le “Madri del deserto”: tra libertà e tradizione. Modelli ascetici e società aristocratica

Giulia Pedrucci is an adjunct professor at the University of Verona where she teaches History of religions. She is an international high-profile scholar; she was a Gerda Henkel scholar and, previously, a Marie Curie co-fund fellow. She has written several monographs and scientific articles. 17x24, pp. 184, Ill. B/N