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EAST AND WEST - VOL. N.S. 3 (62) – NO. 1, JUNE 2022 Bi-annual scientific journal published by ISMEO – the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies EAST AND WEST EAST AND WEST

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T. Gnoli, The Sources on the Oriental Expeditions of Aurelian

S. Ferdinandi, The Archaeological Mission of Aruch/????? and the Incastellamento of the Silk Road: Preliminary Remarks

M.C. Trémouille, R. Dan, Some Remarks on Changes in the Water Level of Lake Van, Turkey: an Evaluation of the Cartographical and Archaeological Evidence

D.T. Potts, G.P. Basello, The “Black Stone of Susa:” a Lost kudurru, an Unpubli¬shed Drawing and a Line of Middle Elamite Copied in the 1820s .

J.A. Álvarez-Pedrosa, The Avroman Parchments and the Use of Greek in the Parthian Empire

B. González Saavedra, A Linguistic Study of the Greek Parchments of Avroman

F. Pompeo, The Dating Formulas of Avroman 1 and Avroman 2 in the Context of Greek Documents of the Parthian Empire: a Brief Overview

A. Provenzali, An Inscribed n?gadanta from Butkara I and Related Questions Obituaries

Antonio Invernizzi (Turin, 1 January 1941 - 2 December 2021)

List of Contributors . 17 x 24, pp. 216, Brossura filo refe, Ill a colori