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Studia Hethitica, Hurritica et Urartaica 1 - SERIE ORIENTALE ROMA n.s. 33

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This volume marks the beginning of a new series within the frame of the Serie Orientale Roma, and it is dedicated to the study of the ancient civilizations that flourished between Asia Minor and the Armenian Highlands, the latter intended as the territories comprised among Eastern Turkey, modern Armenia and North-Western Iran. The Studia Hethitica, Hurritica et Urartaica have been thought as a series of miscellaneous volumes, without a set periodicity, aimed at the study of different aspects of the Hittite, Hurrian and Urartian civilizations. The issues that this series intends to address are related to philology, linguistics, architecture, and material culture of the three civilizations, with a marked diachronic approach, and a special consideration for the analysis and study of the elements, presumed or substantial, of commonality among them. Despite chronological and territorial discrepancies, Hittites, Hurrians and Urartians are connected by a common thread, as is easily perceived by aspects related to the linguistic and iconographic sphere. The intent of the series is to dedicate a privileged space to the discussion of these relevant aspects, where to host contributions from established scholars, as well as from younger scholars, both Italian and international. To guarantee the scientific quality of the contributions, a specific scientific committee composed by some of the most relevant Italian scholars devoted to the considered civilizations has been set. The present volume contains twelve contributions. These include the publication of new epigraphic studies on Hittite inscriptions, the presentation of two unpublished Urartian cuneiform texts, researches on linguistics and philology, as well as works related to the analysis of ancient toponyms and, more in general, to problems of historical geography. There are also contributions relating to specific archaeological areas, and iconographic analyses. The work of the three editors is particularly deserving, and it is the result of years of collaboration, sharing of scientific paths and diversified professional experiences. In essence, this new series of miscellaneous volumes constitutes a new space for the presentation of research relating to the Hittite, Hurrian and Urartian civilizations, filling a relevant gap in the current panorama of scientific publishing, and ISMEO is glad to host it among its editorial series.


Preface by Adriano V. Rossi
Foreword by Roberto Dan, Rita Francia and Marie-Claude Trémouille

N. Bolatti Guzzo and M. Marazzi, 3D Scanning Technologies and Proce- dures. New Results in the Field of Hittitological Epigraphical Research

R. Dan, Aznavurtepe/Kot Tepe: A 9th-8th Century BCE Urartian Fortress in the Patnos Plain, Turkey

R. Dan and A.S. Bonfanti, Between Local Traditions and Assyria. New Per- spectives on the So-Called “Urartian” Belts

T. De Vincenzi, An Analysis of Hittite Cultural-Artistic Elements in the Assyrian Trading Colonies Period: the Case Studies of Kültepe and Acemhöyük

V. Fagiolo, Illuyankaš, Snakes and Eels: New Suggestions about the Name of the Hittite Serpent Illuyanka

M. Forlanini, Türkmen Karahöyük, Tar?undašša and Puruš?anda. A Sug- gestion Waiting for an Archaeological Confirmation .

R. Francia, The Hittite Local Adverbs andan, ?ppan, kattan, peran, šer: Re- analysis

R. Francia, The (LU)? šiuniyant- in Hittite Texts: ‘Prophet’, ‘Ecstatic’?

F. Giusfredi and V. Pisaniello, Foreigners and Foreign Names in Anatolian Hieroglyphs

K. I?ik, An Urartian Inscription by an Unknown Author of the 7th Century BCE

M. Poetto, za-ga-ni- du-ú-i-ni-: A Luwian Taboo

M.C. Trémouille, A.S. Bonfanti, B. Khanmohammadi and R. Dan, Is Bastam Fortress Rusai URU.TUR? A Recently Discovered Urartian Inscription in the Area of Bastam, Iran 17x24, pp. 264, Brossura Filo Refe, Ill. a colori e B/N