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EAST AND WEST - VOL. N.S. 2 (61) – NO. 1, DECEMBER 2021
Bi-annual scientific journal published by ISMEO – the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies EAST AND WEST

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K. Tawfik, The simsimiyya Lyre from the Suez Canal: Craftsmanship and Identities

K.D. Williams, N.S. Al-Jahwari, K.A. Douglas, Preliminary Analyses of the Bronze Age and Post-Bronze Age Mortuary Monuments at the Dahwa sites, North Ba- tinah Coast, Sultanate of Oman

P. Callieri, A. Askari Chaverdi, A. Eghra‘, D.M. Mezzapelle, K. Mohammadkhani, The Dynamics of Human Settlement in Historical Times in South-Central Fars, from Firuzabad to the Persian Gulf: First Preliminary Results of a New Re- search Project

M. Vidale, G. Salemi, E. Faresin, 3D Digital Modelling of a Jiroft Carved Chlorite Pot. An Experiment of Archaeological Visualizing

G. Vignato, The Reappearance of the Buddha. A Preliminary Study on the Lost Clay Statues in the Caves of Kucha

A. Rigopoulos, Connections and Correspondences in the Hagiographies of Shirdi Sai Baba’s and Sathya Sai Baba’s Origins

F. Lunardo, M. Clemente, Mi la ras pa’s Representation in Mang yul Gung thang Xylographs: Preliminary Remarks on the Stylistic Changes of “the Laughing Vajra”

G. Tabacco, Resistance and Class Elitism in Minerals Extraction in Resource- rich Aceh, Indonesia

List of Contributors 17X24, pp. 208, Brossura Filo refe, Ill. a colori