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EAST AND WEST - VOL. N.S. 2 (61) – NO. 1, JUNE 2021

Bi-annual scientific journal published by ISMEO – the International Association for Mediterranean and Oriental Studies

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A.S. Bonfanti, R. Dan, From Phrygia to Urartu. The Phrygian Belts Discovered in Toprakkale/Rusahinili Qilbani=kai and the Relations between Urartu and Phrygia

N. Eskandari, K.A. Niknami, M. Vidale, The Bronze Age Center of Shahdad, South-East Iran: “Hollow” vs. Nucleated Early Urban Processes

G.L. Bonora, G.R. Osmida (†), A.Cengia, A General Overview of the Oxus Civilization Graveyard of Adji Kui in Margiana (South Turkmenistan)

M. Minardi, Notes on the Elaboration and Transmission of Iconographic Elements in Central Asia and India before the Kushans: Zoroastrian “Bird-Priests,” kinnaras and Sirens

L.M. Olivieri, F. Sinisi, The Stele and the Other Statues. A Stone Puzzle from Surkh Kotal

M.P. Joshi, V. Bahuguna, P.S. Rawat, H. Chauhan, M.M. Joshi, V.P. Rawat, Lord of Kedara: A Unique Sculpture from Uttarakhand Himalaya

F. Scialpi, Mahatma Gandhi, an Inspiration for a New Humanitarian Society

M.A. Polichetti, Notes on The Last Judgement, an Annamite Painting of Christian Inspiration (18th Century) Conserved in the Vatican Museums

L. Declich, Emilio Dubbiosi and the Fondo Dubbiosi

O. Nalesini, Concetto Guttuso: a Brief Remembrance

List of Contributors 17x24, pp. 216, brossura Filorefe, Ill. B/N e a colori