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Archaeology of Food. New Data from International Missions in Africa and Asia
Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on the Archaeology of Food Rome, 26 May 2016

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Preface by Adriano V. Rossi

Archaeology of Food: from the Field to a Scenery’s Reconstruction by Barbara E. Barich and Lorenzo Costantini


G. Mutri, Not only Meat for Dinner. Wild Grasses Processing in the Mediterranean Final Pleistocene

M.C. Gatto, K. Banks, A. Curci, S. Roma, L. Scott-Cummings, S. Snortland and D. Usai, Indicatori alimentari e sistemi di sussistenza a Wadi Kubbaniya (Egitto): i risultati delle recenti indagini G. Lucarini, Raccolta e macinazione di piante selvatiche nelle società nordafricane dell’Olocene: evidenze archeologiche e sperimentazione

G. Petrullo, Deconstructing the Chaîne Opératoire of Hard Animal Materials Industry to reconstruct Prehistoric Dietary Practices: the Upper Capsian Example in Tébessa Region (Algeria)

F. Alhaique, L. Romano and F. D’Agostino, Vita quotidiana e morte ad Abu Tbeirah (Iraq meridionale) nel III millennio a.C.: dati preliminari dalle faune dall’Area 1

B.E. Barich, Herder-Foragers and Low-Level Food Producers. Some Insights into the early Food Production in Northern Africa

M. Delle Donne and L. Costantini, Food and Spices in Funerary Offerings at Shahr-i Sokhta, Iran

M. Delle Donne, Protohistoric Plant Use at Tell Mozan, Northeastern Syria

R. Dan, M. Delle Donne, M. Badalyan, A. Petrosyan, B. Gasparyan, P. Vitolo, G. Moradi, C. Milanesi and L. Costantini, Production and Storage of Food Plants in Armenia during the Iron Age: the Evidence from Karmir-blur/Teišebai URU, Arin-berd/Erebuni and Solak-1

D. Zampetti, Subsistence Strategies and Food in North African Rock Art: The Central Saharan Massifs

F.G. Fedele, First Millennium BC Archaeofaunas from Yemen: Italian Studies at Yal? and Bar?qish

B. Ula?, Re-interpreting the Uses of Hulled Wheats in the Neolithic Pe¬riod based on Their Cultivation in Today’s Northern Anatolia 17x24, pp. 248, Brossura Filo refe, Ill. a colori e B/N