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Manuscripts of "Tibetan Marriage Songs" from Ladakh August Hermann Francke's Legacy in the Tucci Collection, Rome

with an essay by John Bray

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I received the manuscripts that represent the core of this volume in my former capacity as Scientific Director of the Tucci Tibetan Fund in the IsIAO library in Rome. The original material was collected by the Moravian missionary scholar A. H. Francke (1870-1930) and sent to Rome after his death. Prof. Giuseppe Tucci (1894-1984) was very interested in these texts, according to Prof. Luciano Petech (1914-2010), his heir in Ladakhi studies. However, he was not able to complete their analysis and publication. After examining their contents, Prof. Petech encouraged me to publish them, even though not all the texts were completely unknown. I am honoured to take on this important project in order to preserve and make known one of the last historical expressions of the Himalayan cultural tradition. I thought it appropriate that my transcription work should be accompanied by an essay on Francke, who made far-reaching contributions to the study of Ladakhi history and culture. Together with his Ladakhi colleagues, Francke enquired into every aspect of local tradition, and left a scholarly legacy that informs our researches to this day. Entrusting this task to John Bray was a natural choice. John supported me from the beginning, sharing his intimate knowledge of the Moravian scholar’s life and work, both in Ladakh and at home in Germany. The volume is enriched by his essay introducing Francke as well as more recent research on Ladakhi and Tibetan wedding songs. We also intend the volume to serve as a homage to Prof. Petech who in 1977 published a history of Ladakh for Serie Orientale Roma. This volume still serves as an essential reference point for historical research on the region.


Francke’s Tibetan Marriage Songs by Adriano V. Rossi
Preface by Elena De Rossi Filibeck
. E. De Rossi Filibeck, Introduction .
Research on Ladakhi Wedding Songs: a Historical Review by John Bray
First Notebook
Second Notebook
Third Notebook
Fourth Notebook
Fifth Notebook
Sixth Notebook
Transcription of the Tagmacig Songs
Third Chapter of the Wedding Songs
Appendix to Marriage Songs of rTag ma cig and Khalatse, containing those Songs which are found only in the Chang glu or Drinking Songs at Khalatse
Trascription of the Songs from Khalatse which have not Correspondence with the Songs from rTag ma cig and Ri shod
Index of places and peoples 17x24, pp. 264, Brossura filo refe, Ill. B/N