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Sir Aurel Stein and the "Lord of the Marches". New Archival Materials

ACT-Field School Project Reports and Memoirs Archival Studies, 1

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List of illustrations
Foreword (M. Mancini/A.V. Rossi)
List of abbreviations
Editorial notes (M. De Chiara/L.M. Olivieri)

Folder One
Folder Two
Folder Three
Folder One
Poi der Two
Folder Three

l. Chronological chart of the archaeological sites (1872-1938)
2. Historical map of the archaeological sites (1872-1938)
3. Synoptic chart of the British Govenors, Commissioners and ASI Officers in NWFP (1895-1939)
4. Alexander Caddy's 1896 report: the Chakdara Ionic temple and other sites (K. Behrendt)
5. Catalogue of the Malakand Gandhara Collection (P. Brancaccio)
6. Catalogue of the Malakand Library
7. A. Stein correspondence in the Malakand Fund

Indexes (M. De Chiara)
Index of names
Index of places
Index of typology of document
Additional photographic documentation 16,5x24,5, pp. 402, Ill. colori, copertina cartonata