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Astana. A Cultural Guide to the Capital of Kazakhstan

Il Nuovissimo Ramusio 3, Clueb/ISMEO

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1. Introduction: Astana. the Capital of Kazakhstan in the 21st century
1.1. Topographical Considerations
1.2. Life and Living Conditions in Astana
1.3. Urbanisation amid the Steppe
1.4. A Cultural Guide dedicated to Astana

2. History of Astana and the Akmola Region
2.1. Ancient History
2.2. Modern History
2.3. Astana in 21st century

3. Geography and Natural Resources
3.1. Orography
3.2. Hydrography
3.3. Lakes and Water Resources
3.4. Climate
3.5. Soil and Natural Flora Resources
3.6. Fauna

4. Sites, Museums and Monuments on the Left Bank of the lshim River
4.1. The National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan
4.2. The Palace of Independence
4.3. The Kazakh Eli Monument
4.4. The Shabyt Art Palace
4.5. The Khazret Sultan Mosque
4.6. The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (orAccord)
4.7. The Presidential Palace Ak Orda
4.8. The House of Ministries and the Parliament
4.9. The "Kazakhstan" Central Concert Hall
4.10. Nazarbaev Centre
4.11. Khas Sanat Art Centre
4.12. The Bayterek Tower
4.13. The National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan
4.14. The Nur-Astana Mosque
4.15. Khan Shatyr
4.16. The Astana State Theatre of Opera and Ballet
4.17. The Astana Circus and Square of the State Symbols
4.18. The Nazarbaev University and Sport Complexes
4.19. The Triumphal Arc Mangilik El

5. Sites, Museums and Monuments on the Right Bank of the lshim River
5.1. The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church: Church of St. Joseph the Betrothed
5.2. Cathedral of Our Mother of Perpetual Help
5.3. The Beit Rachel Synagogue
5.4. The L.N. Gumilev Eurasian National University
5.5. Memorial to Kazakh soldiers fallen in the War in Afghanistan
5.6. The Orthodox Cathedral of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
5.7. The Muslim Graveyard Karaotkel '
5.8. National, Military and Patriotic Centre of the Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan
5.9. The Constantin-Helene Church
5.10. The monument dedicated to Kenesary Khan
5.11. Congress Hall
5.12. The House of the merchant V.M. Kubrin
5.13. The Astana Supermarket
5.14. The House of P.G. Moiseev
5.15. The Grand Park Esil Hotel and the Lenin Square of Tzelinograd
5.16. The Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
5.17. The M. Gorkiy Russian Drama Theatre
5.18. The S. Seyfullin Museum and the monuments dedicated to him
5.19. The House of the Doctor F.I. Blagoveshchenskiy
5.20. The Former Muslim School

6. Sites, Museums and Monuments outside Astana
6.1. Bozok
6.2. ALZHIR: Museum and Memorial Complex of the Labour Camp
6.3. The mausoleum of Zhanibek Shalkar and other mausoleums of the Tenghiz Korgalzhyn area
6.4. The Mausoleum of Kabanbay Batyr

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