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The Pottery Figurines of Pre-Columbian Peru Volume II : The Figurines of the Central Coast - BAR International Series S2845

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This is the last volume of a comprehensive catalogue of Peruvian Pottery Figurines, from their first appearance around 3,500 BC to the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century. The figurines are described in detail and classified by region, chronologically and set within the different cultures to which they belong. Volume I, The Figurines of the North Coast (BAR S1941), was published in 2009; Volume III, The Figurines of South Coast, the Highlands and the Selva (BAR S2441), in 2012. 631 pages, Illustrated throughout in black and white. 56 tables, 84 figures, 120 plates, 7 charts and 6 maps. Alexandra Morgan lived in Peru for four years in the mid-1970s. Having studied history at Geneva University, she obtained a PhD in Pre-Columbian Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology, University College, London, with adissertation on Peruvian Pottery Figurines. 21x29,7