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Sociedad y Mundo Funerario en el III y II Milenio a.C. en la Region del Jarama BAR International Series 2630

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This book is a study about funerary practices of prehistoric communities in Jarama’s region (Central Iberia) during the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC. Its aim is to define the different ways of burial and detect its changes and variations in order to identify and explain possible social and ideological transformations. This study shows that relevant socioeconomic transformations happened in the Late Prehistory of Central Iberia and these changes are detected as well as far as ritual ideology is concerned. As a matter of fact, the change in items and type of offerings in the grave goods is very significant between the Copper and Bronze Ages, showing transformations as well in the ideological conception of burials and the afterlife. 21x29, Brossura, pp. 345, Ill. b/n