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LRCW 4 Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean. Archaeology and archaeometry. The Mediterranean: a market without frontiers. 2 voll. - BAR International Series 2616

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Proceedings from the fourth LRCW congress held at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki between 7-10 April 2011, this volume is arranged to follow the thematic sessions of the conference rather than by geographical area: archaeology and economic history, production centers, distribution and consumption, regional contexts-east Mediterranean, regional contexts-west Mediterranean, and the Mediterranean: a market without frontiers. In this way it brings together research on similar issues across the Mediterranean, stressing the economic character of the sites and assemblages and culminating with the concept that the Mediterranean is after all an open way, a mare nostrum connecting the western to the eastern part. 21x29, Brossura, pp. 1071, Ill. b/n