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Literature and Literary Language at Ebla - Quaderni di Semitistica 18

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During recent years, the edition of literary texts in the official publication series (D. O. Edzard, Hymne, Beschwörungen und Verwandtes, Roma 1984 [= ARET V ]) has provoked several studies on the literary texts found in Ebla. To permit an initial evaluation of these texts and their language, the Dipartimento di Linguistica of the University of Florence has organized an international Colloquium on "Letteratura e lingua letteraria a Ebla", held in Florence, on 4-6, April 1991. It is a pleasure for me to thank the lecturers at the Colloquium, not only for their contribution towards creating an atmosphere of cordial participation, but also for having made the publication of all the papers, in a relatively short time, possible. As a result of their friendly collaboration, at the end of the Colloquium was held a workshop on the ARET V 7 text. The Colloquium took place at the Accademia Toscana di Scienze e Lettere, whose President, prof. Francesco Adorno, often has had the opportunity to show us his appreciation of Eblaitic studies. Dr. Kassem Toueir, whose old friendship for the Italian Archaeological Mission is well known, brought the greetings of the Direction Générale des Antiquitées et des Musées of Syrian Arab Republic. This Colloquium would not have been possible without the contribution of CNR and the University of Florence; I would like to thank the former Rector, prof. Franco Scaramuzzi and the Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, prof. Guido Clemente. To my Florentine collaborators, Giovanni Conti, Maria Vittoria Tonietti, Amalia Catagnoti and Marco Bonechi, who in their various ways took care of the organization of the Colloquium and the preparation of this volume, I am deeply grateful. P. F.

A. ARCHI, Transmission of the Mesopotamian Lexical and Literary Texts
W. G. LAMBERT, The Language of ARET V 6 and 7
M. KREBERNIK, Mesopotamian Myths at Ebla: ARET 5, 6 and ARET 5, 7
M. BONECHI - J.-M. DURAND, Oniromancie et magie à Mari à l'époque d'Ébla
P. FRONZAROLI, The Ritual Texts of Ebla
D. O. EDZARD, Der Vertrag von Ebla mit A-bar-QA
P. MATTHIAE, Figurative Themes and Literary Texts
P. STEINKELLER, Early Semitic Literature and Third Millennium Seals with Mythological Motifs 17x24, Brossura, pp. 326, Ill. b/n