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Ethnoarchaeology: Current Research and Field Methods Conference Proceedings, Rome, Italy, 13th-14th May 2010 - BAR International Series 2472

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This volume is a collection of the contributions to the Ethnoarchaeology Conference ‘Ethnoarchaeology: Current Research and Field Methods’ organized by the AIE-Onlus (Italian Society for Ethnoarchaeology) which was held in Rome in May 2010. Five different sessions were arranged: Ethnoarchaeology and Material Culture: Use, Function and Environmental Interaction; Ethnoarchaeology and Material Culture: Social Implications and Mental Patterns; Landscape Ethnoarchaeology: Interaction between Environment and Mechanisms of Choice; Ethnoarchaelogy and Pastoralism; Remote Sensing and Automatic Identification Techniques of the Archaeological Record; Ethnoarchaeology of Urban Environments. Different theoretical and methodological approaches were presented in the course of the Conference, testifying to the plurality of dimensions that traditionally characterize ethnoarchaeology. 21x29, Brossura, pp. 316