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Archaeology (The) of Water Supply - BAR International Series 2414

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A collection of papers on the archaeology of water installation from a session presented at the EAA conference in The Hague, September 2010. Contents: 1) Drainage system of the rainwater and the excess water discharged on the streets of Pompeii (Yoshiki Hori) 2) The cuniculi of Tuscania: the oracle down the well (Lorenzo Caponetti); 3) A social role of Roman baths in the province of Moesia Superior (Marko A. Jankovic); 4) Roman law and archaeological evidence on water management (Sufyan al Karaimeh); 5) Water distribution in Pelusium – a short note for a larger problem (Krzysztof Jakubiak); 6) Water supply in Palmyra, a chronological approach (K. Juchniewicz, M. Zuchowska); 7) New evidence on Roman water supply in the Ebro valley: the Roman dam of Muel (Zaragoza, Spain) (P. Uribe, A. Magallón, J. Fanlo); 8) Waste and rain water evacuation in medieval muslim towns: the case of Alandalus (Ieva Reklaityte); 9) Late mediaeval city of Kalisz water supply: evidence of archaeological data and written sources (Tadeusz Baranowski, Urszula Sowina, Leszek Ziabka, Robert Zukowski); 10) Water supply to the city of Warsaw (Poland) from the 14th to the 19th centuries – the archaeological sources (Wlodzimierz Pela). 21x29, pp. 115, Ill. b/n