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Aspects of the Cult of Cybele and Attis on the Monuments from the Republic of Croatia - BAR International Series 2086

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The cult of Cybele and Attis is a spiritual phenomenon of wide chronological and geographical range. There is abundant documentation of its existence, but even more numerous are the works of scholars engaged in the interpretation of the cult and the divine figures around it. It is a field of interest for linguists, classicists, archaeologists, historians and art historians, ethnologists, and even psychoanalysts. To try to display all the aspects of the cult, its rituality and manifestation in iconography and epigraphy is a hard assignment: countless studies have been made trying to portray the character and evolution of the cult of the Phrygian Great Goddess, the timeless Mother of Gods, and her lover Attis. The work presented here is another interpretative drop in a vast cultural legacy that these deities have left behind, focusing on one particular corner of the Roman Empire. 21x29, Brossura, pp. 106, Ill. b/n