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Ship Iconography in Mosaics An aid to understanding ancient ships and their construction - BAR International Series 2202

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Mosaic surfaces (floor and/or wall) comprise one of the most accomplished art forms to develop in the Mediterranean region in antiquity. Each country surrounding the Mediterranean Basin added to the development of the techniques and repertoire, reflecting cultural development and diffusion. This work focuses on all aspects of ship iconography as represented on known mosaics from major and minor sites. Contents: Introduction; Mosaic Production and its Application to Ship Depictions; ‘Catalogue of Ships’ (including mosaics from Berenike (Egypt), Lod (Israel), Antioch (Turkey), Kelenderis/Aydincik (Turkey), Kenchreai (Greece), The Palestrina Nile Mosaic (Italy), Ostia/Piazzale Delle Corporazioni (Italy), Piazza Armerina (Sicily); Ship Archaeology; Ship Interpretation in Mosaics; Conclusions; Glossary. 21x29, Brossura, pp. 213, Ill. b/n e a colori