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Fondi ed il suo territorio in età romana Profilo di storia economica e sociale - BAR International Series 1481

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This study concerns the economic and social history of Fundi in Roman times. Fundi is a town in southern coastal Latium and was especially active in Late-Republican and Imperial times. The author traces the historical development of the city from the earliest data through to Roman times. The region is one of the lesser studied territories in Latium, and whereas other regional cities have had archaeological surveys, studies and researches, data on Fondi and its immediate environs are inadequate. This work remedies this lacuna and adds to the available knowledge of a city that was important in Roman times. The new data was provided by the author’s personal surveys, leading to the discovery of unknown testimonies of Roman occupation and new epigraphic records. Furthermore, the author was able to use other interesting and underestimated (or unknown) local sources, such as antiquarians of previous centuries who were able to see and describe ancient buildings, roads and epigraphic evidence that is now lost to us. There are six main chapters: the first is an introduction; the second presents data on pre-Roman times; the third is concerned with so-called ‘romanisation’, the fourth is dedicated to the late Republic; the fifth deals with Imperial times; the final chapter covers Late Antiquity. 21x29, Brossura, pp. 122, Ill. b/n