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Il territorio calatino nella Sicilia imperiale e tardoromana - BAR International Series 1694

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This volume presents a study of human settlements in the ‘Calatino’ district, an area in central-eastern Sicily in the period between the Imperial and the Late Roman periods.

This volume deals with the prehistoric human groups and their environments that occurred during the early and middle Holocene (roughly 10 – 6 thousand years before present) in a huge segment of the Eurasian continent forming the East European Plain, which predated the early manifestations of food-producing economies: agriculture and stock-rearing. In archaeological terms widely accepted in the West, this period corresponds to the Mesolithic, panoply of hunter-gathering communities that evolved in the aftermath of the Last Ice Age. Contents: 1) Theoretical Background (P.M. Dolukhanov); 2) Geography of East European Plain (P.M. Dolukhanov); 3) Initial Human Settlement of East European Plain (P.M. Dolukhanov et al.); 4) The Mesolithic of East European Plain (P.M. Dolukhanov); 5) Late Quaternary Environments of Northern Black Sea Area (E.P. Larchenkov et al.); 6) The Holocene Vegetation, Climate and Early Human Subsistence in the Ukraine (G.A. Pashkevich & N.P. Gerasimenko); 7) Multiple sources for Neolithic European agriculture: Geographical origins of early domesticates in Moldova and Ukraine (G. Motuzaite-Matuzeviciute et al.); 8) Late Quaternary Environments of the North Caspian Lowland (P.M. Dolukhanov et al.); 9) The Middle Volga Neolithic (A.A. Vybornov et al.); 10) The North Caspian Mesolithic and Neolithic (A.A. Vybornov et al.); 11) The Lower Don Neolithic (A.L. Aleksandrovsky et al.); 12) Early Neolithic in the South of East European Plain (P. M. Dolukhanov et al.); 13) The Holocene Environment and Prehistoric Settlements in North-Western and Central Russia (Kh.A. Arslanov et al.); 14) The Holocene History of the Baltic Sea, Ladoga Lake and Early Human Movements (D.A. Subetto et al.); 15) Mesolithic and Neolithic in the Western Dvina-Lovat Area (A.N. Mazurkevich et al.); 16) The Beginning of Farming in the Eastern Baltic Area (A. Kriiska); 17) Early Farming and Metal Working in Boreal Russia: Zhizhitsa Lake Sits Case Study (B.S. Korotkevich et al.); 18) Mesolithic and Neolithic in North Eastern Europe (M. Lavento & P.M. Dolukhanov); 19) Multiple Sources of the European Neolithic: Mathematical Modelling Constrained by Radiocarbon Dates (K. Davison et al.); 20) Mathematical Modelling of the Neolithic Transition: a Review for Non-Mathematicians (J. Fort); 21) Population Spread Along Self-organized Paths (F.G. Feugier et al.); 22) Archaeology and Languages in Northern Eurasia: New Evidence and Hypotheses (P.M. Dolukhanov); 23) Human Genetics and Neolithic Dispersals (O.P. Balanovsky). 21x29, pp. 238; Ill. b/n