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Inscriptionis in Liturgical Spaces - Acta ad archaeologiam et artium historiam pertinentia - Vol. XXIV/2011 (n. S. n. 10)

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In 8°, brossura filorefe, 264 pp., b/n e colori
Kristin B. aavitsland & Turid Karlsen Seim: Introduction 9 Hjalmar TORP: An Interpretation of the Early Byzantine Martyr Inscriptions in the Mosaics of the Rotunda at Thessaloniki
Bente KIILERICH: Visual and Functional Aspects of Inscriptions in Early Church Floors
Robin Margaret JENSEN: Inscriptions from Early Christian Baptisteries in Rome
Stefano RICCIONI: The Word in the Image: an Epiconographic Analysis of Mosaics of the Reform in Rome
Erik THUNØ: .Inscriptions on Light and Splendor from Saint Denis to Rome and Back
Herbert L. KESSLER: Inscriptions on Painted Crosses and the Spaces of Personal and Communal Meditation
Cynthia HAHN: Inscriptions and Interactions: Text and Image on the Cloisters Cross and other Ivories
Kristin B. AAVITSLAND: Visual Splendour and Verbal Argument in Romanesque Golden Altars
Hiltrud WESTERMANN-ANGERHAUSEN: Incense in the Space between Heaven and Earth: the Inscriptions and Images on the Gozbert-Censer in the Cathedral Treasury of Trier
Lasse HODNE: Reading and Viewing Words in Fra Angelico’s Typological Paintings