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Woman as Subject and Object - Acta ad archaeologiam et artium historiam pertinentia Vol XXII (n.s. 8)

Institutum Romanum Norvegiae

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Versione stampata 19 x 26, 274 pp., numerose in b/n.

Eve D’AMBRA: Child’s Play: Beauty for Roman Girls

Rachel MEYERS: Representations of the Antonine Empresses on the Nymphaeum at Olympia

Siri SANDE: The Female Hunter and other Examples of Change of Sex and Gender Context on Roman Sarcophagi

Bente KIILERICH: The Mosaic of the Female Musicians from Mariamin, Syria

Vassililki DIMITROPOULOU: Imperial FemalePatronage in the Komnenian Era

Ragnhild BØ: Gender in Books of Hours, State of Research and Some New Questions

Paola TINAGLI: Donne Splendide: some Thoughts on Women’s Acquisition of Useful and Ornamental Objects in the Renaissance

Katherine MCIVER: Women of Power. What Women say as Builders of Secular Architecture in Early Modern Italy

Joyce de VRIES: A Princely Lifestyle on a Limited Budget: Caterina Sforza’s Patronage as regent of Imola and Forli

Frida FORSGREN: Clay Varietas. Mazzoni’s Society of Women

Kristine KOLRUD: Contradictory Representations: Warrior Women in Seventeenth- century Painting

Mary ROGERS: Becoming Articulate: Women writing on the Visual Arts in Renaissance Italy