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Ceramics,Cells and Tissues. Nanotechnology for Functional Repair and Regenerative Medicine.11th Meeting and Seminar,Annual Conferences,Faenza,October 2-5,2007..

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Volume in lingua Inglese - Si tratta di un convegno focalizzato sulle prospettive delle nano strutture (in particolare quelle ceramiche ) per quel che concerne gli studi di superficie, i trattamenti, i rivestimenti tradizionali e nano- compositi, nonché le capsule porose , adatti per applicazioni cliniche le più disparate. Viene riportata ampia letteratura ed illustrati interventi chirurgici.- A meeting-seminar focused on the perspectives on nanostructures (particularly based on ceramics ) relative to surface investigations and treatments, traditional and nano-composite coatings, porous scaffolds, suitable for a lot of clinical applications. A wide literature is reported and surgical interventions illustrate. . A Cura Di A. Ravaglioli, A. Krajewski
CONTENTS Preface S. Oscarsson (President) XIV Endorsement from "Regione Emilia-Romagna" Authority XV Welcome Address 3 INCOMAT pre-congress meeting 4 Welcome to the Authorities 7 Messages from traditional ceramics R. Giovannini 7 INTRODUCTION AND GENERAL LECTURES Opening addresses: towards porous smart ceramic-glass scaffolds A. Ravaglioli, A. Krajewski 11 Is the constructor of the human machine a good engineer? P. Rabischong 20 Triple smart surfaces for implant devices F. Namavar, J.D. Jackson, J.G. Sharp, T. Gustafson, L.K. Kibuule, E. Mann, K.W. Bayles, H. Haider, K.L. Garvin 26 Interlevel nano-, micro- and meso-engineering and abilities of inter-level control: experience of c1inical use A. Karlov 38 Necessary and sufficient conditions for gompholic artificial dental roots K. Nishihara, M. Tejima 49 Organic-inorganic nanocomposite coatings for bone regeneration and repair H. Furedi-Milhofer, M.D. Sikiric, F. Cuisinier 55 Perspective and potentialities of silicon nitride as nano-structural bio-ceramic M. Mazzocchi, A. Bollosi 60 Nanotechnology for functional repair and regenerative medicine M. Kirsch, A. Ravaglioli, A. Krajewski 68 SURFACE INVESTIGATIONS AND TREATMENTS Hyaluronic acid grafting on silicon surfaces E. Gothelid, C. Granstam, S. Herwik, P. Ruther, H. Neves, S. Oscarsson 81 Synthetic biomimetic hydroxyapatite nanocrystals vs. bioactive molecules: the important role of the surface M. Iafisco, B. Palazzo, E. Foresti, L. Rimondini, N. Roveri 91 Biological investigation of an experimental laser sintered titanium implant surface F. Mangano, R. Sammons, C. Mangano, A. Piattelli 100 A tale of gene therapy: from viruses to transfectants G. Candiani, M. Cabras, D. Pezzoli 104 Biomimetic coatings on laser sintered poly(D,L-lactide) based composite scaffolds doped with nanosilica and hydroxyapatite E.N. Antonov, A.S. Fomin, AV. Popova, V.K. Popov 114 In vivo biodegradation of polyurethane foams in the rat animal model S. Bertoldi, S. Faré, M. Moscatelli, A Addis, F. Vitari, C. Domeneghini, M.C. Tanzi 120 Observation of MC3T3-E1 cells applied bioceramics by scanning electron microscope and confocal microscope G. Kerman, P. Korkusuz, S.S. Hakki, N. Purali, N. Koc, M. Timucin, F. Korkusuz 128 Influence of surface treatments on calcium phosphate coating on porous titanium W.S. de Medeiros, M.V. Oliveira, L.C. Pereira, M.C. Andrade, W.A.A. Macedo 139 COMPOSITE AND NANOCOMPOSITE MATERIALS IN BULK AND AS COATING TEM investigations of hydroxylapatite coatings on Al2O3 ceramics I. Pribosiè, S.B. Klopèiè, T. Kosmaè 149 Osteoblast response on nanocomposite coated titanium R. Schade, K. Liefeith, M.D. Sikiric, H. Furedi-Milhofer 155 Titania gel layer formed on Ti and NiTi shape memory alloy through a low temperature process T. Sun, M. Wang 160 Response of human gingival epithelial cells (HGE-15 cells) for the RBPl and RBP2 bioactive glasses using scanning and transmission electron microscopy H. Oguchi, Y Karube, M. Morito, T. Ohshima, N. Maeda, A Krajewski, A. Ravaglioli 166 Calorimetric and spectroscopic study on different y-irradiated poly-µ-caprolactone/hydroxyapatite (PCL/HA) composite biomaterials M. Di Foggia, U. Corda, A Torreggiani, P. Taddei, C. Fagnano 174 Composites between collagen and hydroxyapatite M. Gagliardi, N . Barbani, C. Cristallini, G.D. Guerra, A Krajewski, M. Mazzocchi 182 POROUS SCAFFOLDS, CALCIUM PHOSPHATES AND IONS SUBSTITUTION Nanocomposite biomimetic scaffolds in articular osteochondral regeneration: preliminary evaluations D. Pressato, A Tampieri, R. Quarto, E. Arcangeli, M. Fiorini, E. Kon, S. Zaffagnini, R. Giardino, B. Parma, M. Marcacci 195 Apatite lamellar porous scaffolds for bone substitution and drug release E. Landi, E. Valentini, S. Sprio, A Tampieri, D. Tonelli 202 Totally bioresorbable nanocomposite microspheres and scaffolds for bone tissue engineering B. Duan, W. Zhou, W.L. Cheung, M. Wang 206 Nanostructured silicon-substituted hydroxyapatites A Bianco, I. Cacciotti, M. Lombardi, L. Montanaro 211 Bioactive materials from butyrylated chitosan G. Schoukens 222 CERAMIC GLASS SYSTEMS Structural transformations and sintering behaviour of 45S5 bioglass L. Lefebvre, J. Chevalier, L. Gremillard, R. Zenati, D. Bernache 235 Production and properties of apatite-wollastonite ceramics for biomedical applications C. Vakifahmetoglu, J. Park, F. Korkusuz, A Ozturk, M. Timucin 242 Optimisation of bioactive glass-ceramic tissue engineering scaffolds by polymer coatings O. Bretcanu, D.M. Yunos, Q. Chen, C. Vitale-Brovarone, E. Verné, C. Hellmich, V. Salih, A.R. Boccaccini 252 A comparison among some different doped bioactive glasses tested in vitro for tissue engineering A Ravaglioli, A Krajewski, A Piancastelli, G. Baldi, A. Barzanti, A Antonini, M. Mazzocchi 258 Ceramic spacers for spine surgery using hydroxyapatite and glass-ceramic coatings A Krajewski, A Ravaglioli, A.N. Natali, E.L. Carniel 263 BIOMECHANICAL RESPONSE AND EV ALUATION TESTS Numerical analysis of partial fixed prosthesis and mechanical effects on marginal bone loss A.N. Natali, E.L. Carniel, P.G. Pavan 269 Disclosure of causes of human-specific intractable immune diseases by means of bio-energy resonance K. Nishihara 278 Vibrational spectroscopy characterization of self-assembling oligopeptides M. Di Foggia, C. Fagnano, P. Taddei, A Torreggiani, M. Dettin, A Tinti 286 In vitro evaluation of calcium phosphates based biomaterials A Slosarczyk, Z. Paszkiewicz 292 SYMPOSIUM: NATURAL ENVIRONMENTAL CONSTRAINT ON HEALTH Trace elements and health: earth constraints F. Tateo, V. Summa 305 SEM analysis of Ca and Si microcrystals from synovial fluids and bone tissues of patients with osteoarthritis L. Peruzzo, P. Frallonardo, F. Oliviero, A Scanu, L. Tauro, R. Ramonda, P. Sfriso, F. Lioté, L. Punzi 311 TESTS IN VITRO AND IN VIVO Insulinoma/agarose microspheres enclosed in calcium phosphate cement chamber as bioartificial pancreas: in vitro and preliminary animal study Y. Kai-Chiang, W. Chang-Chin, L. Feng-Huei 321 Adhesion and spreading of human osteoblasts on biomimetic glass surfaces evaluated by total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy P. Brun, M. Scorzeto, S. Vssanelli, I. Castagliuolo, C. Di Bello, A. Bagno, M. Dettin 323 Multi-purpose use of Ca-alluminate as biomaterials L. Hermansson 330 Light and electron microscopic research on the cemento-genesis of gompholic artificial dental roots K. Nishihara, M. Tejima 339 CLINICAL APPLICATIONS Case studies related to the successful treatment of intractable immune diseases in Japan K. Nishihara, H. Sakitani, M. Tejima, N. Shoji 347 "One step" neuronavigated cranial vault tumour resection and porous hydroxyapatite custom made prosthesis reconstruction: a case report T. Van Havenbergh, D. Berghmans, K. De Smedt, E. Arcangeli, A. Nataloni 353 Tri-calcium-phoshate (TCP) ceramic C.J. Timmermans 360 ROUND TABLE 1: TRE STENTS OF NEW GENERATION New strategies in the development of drug eluting STENTs M. Balduccelli, A. Maresta 367 Drug eluting STENTs: new concepts for alloys, coatings and choice of the drug N. Shehata, L. Marras, A. Maresta, A. Wilson, A. Ravaglioli 369 Bioresorbable coronary STENTs R. Derrigan 373 STANDARDS, CERTIFICATIONS AND NORMATIVES Validation principles in regulated quality systems A. Tabanelli 379 FOR BIOMATERIALS ENDORSING SOCIETIES 385 CLOSING REMARKS 389 OFFICIAL EVENTS AND DOCUMENTATION International artistic competition and images from welcome party 395 Welcome from Faenza Major at Palazzo Milzetti 406 11th CCT congress trip to San Marino and official dinner 409 6th CCT prize 2007 415 Photos from the congress 418 Summary of the 11th CCT congress 421 From mass-media 426 Jacob Project 434 Towards 12th CCT congress edition 439 List of he books collection of the proceedings of all CCT meeting-seminar editions 444 Authors' Index 446