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The Myth of Naples in art and literature by 17th to 18th century travellers

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Quarto volume (25 x 35 cm.), 240 pages with 156 magnificent, colour plates of very rare prints, water-colours, gouaches and drawings. Exclusive, cloth-bound edition printed on heavyweight paper, with dust jacket and cloth-bound slipcase.
In his most recent study, Lucio Fino provides a series of "snapshots" of Naples in the past in a sort of "stroll" along the main streets and squares of this ancient capital. In the book, an ample selection of writings narrating the emotions, astonishment and disappointment felt by foreign travellers during their trips between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is combined with extensive iconographic material comprising over 150 rare views - some previously unpublished - painted, drawn or engraved by the most important vedutisti of the period. Additionally, this volume allows readers to easily envisage the various urban transformations which occurred in our city over the course of three centuries.