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In honour of Ezio Callegari on his retirement - SPECIAL ISSUE:- Periodico di mineralogia - Vol. 76/ 2007

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C. CIGOLINI - Petrography and thermobarometry of high-pressure ultramafic ejecta from Mount Vesuvius, Italy: inferences on the deep feeding system, p 5-24
P. COMIN-CHIARAMONTI, C. B. GOMES, A. CUNDARI, F. CASTORINA AND P. CENSI - A review of carbonatitic magmatismin the Paraná-Angola-Namibia (PAN) system, p. 25-78
R. COMPAGNONI, F. ROLFO, F. MANAVELLA AND F. SALUSSO - Jadeitite in the Monviso meta-ophiolite, Piemonte Zone, Italian western Alps, p. 79-89
L. FIORA, M. CARANDO AND R. SANDRONE- Multimedia petrographic guide of the city of Torino, Italy, p. 91-97
A. FORNELLI, F. MICHELETTI AND G. PICCARRETA- The Neoproterozoic-Early Cambrian felsic magmatism in Calabria (Italy): inferences as to the origin and geodynamic setting, p. 99-112.
M.L. FREZZOTTI AND S. FERRANDO - Multiphase solid inclusions in ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic rocks: a petrographic approach, p. 113-125
C. GROPPO AND R. COMPAGNONI- Metamorphic veins from the serpentinites of the Piemonte Zone, western Alps, Italy: a review, p. 127-153
C. GROPPO, D. CASTELLI AND F. ROLFO- HT, pre-Alpine relics in a spinel-bearing dolomite marble from the UHP Brossasco-Isasca Unit (Dora-Maira Massif, western Alps, Italy), p. 155-168
L. MELLUSO, V. MORRA, P. BROTZU, L. FRANCIOSI, C. GRIFA, M. LUSTRINO, P. MORBIDELLI, H. RIZIKY AND M. VINCENT- The Cenozoic alkaline magmatism in central-northern Madagascar:a brief overview, p. 169-180
G.B. PICCARDO, G. RANALLI, M. MARASCO AND M. PADOVANO- Ultramafic pseudotachylytes in the Mt. Moncuni peridotite (Lanzo Massif, western Alps): tectonic evolution and upper mantle seismicity, p. 181-197
G.B. PICCARDO, A. ZANETTI, A. PRUZZO AND M. PADOVANO- The North Lanzo peridotite body (NWItaly):lithospheric mantle percolated by MORB and alkaline melts, p. 199-221
] P. ROSSETTI, A. AGANGI, D. CASTELLI, M. PADOAN AND R. RUFFINI- The Oligocene Biella pluton (western Alps, Italy): new insights on the magmatic vs. hydrothermal activity in the Valsessera roof zone, p. 223-240
R. SACCHI, M. ALENE, M. BARBIERI AND A. CONTI- On the Palaeozoic Tillite of the Adigrat Group (Tigrai, Ethiopia), p. 241-251
M. SCAMBELLURI, N. MALASPINA AND J. HERMANN- Subduction fluids and their interaction with the mantle wedge: a perspective from the study of high-pressure ultramafic rocks, p. 253-265
M.I. SPALLA AND A.M. MAROTTA- P-T evolutions vs. numerical modelling: a key to unravel the Paleozoic to early-Mesozoic tectonic evolution of the Alpine area, p. 267-308
P. ULMER- Differentiation of mantle-derived calc-alkaline magmas at mid to lower crustal levels: experimental and petrologic constraints, p. 309-325